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The version 1.5 pages, still in use and not forgotten


Version 1 was developed from August 2009 through to July 2012. The kits and all associated documentation are available here. Version 1 is now on maintenance only, new features will not be added.

Build 1425 fixes licencing issues (all licencing has been removed) and also fixes display issues with Windows 8.


The following files are available for download.

Title  Size
Kit 1.5 build 1425 (June 22nd, 2013)    Download
Kit 1.5 build 1058    Download
USB Drivers for SDR-IQ only 1,850 Kb  Download
Remote server user guide    Download
Using The FUNcube Dongle 1.0    Download
IQ Data Files - Recording, Playback, Analysis    Download
Using Soundcard-Based SDRs    Download


A lot of recordings are available on Simon HB9DRV's YouTube channel. Here is a recording of real amateur enthusiasts with various radios, the recording was made over the internet using a remote SDR-IQ and active antenna located in Poole, Dorset.The YouTube channel contains many more interesting recordings featuring the good, the bad and sometimes the very ugly.

Remote over Internet

Most urban locations are plagued by noise from all sorts of devices such as Power Line Telecommunications (PLT). Not everyone can relocate to a rural location, but you can locate your SDR receiver anywhere there's an internet connection. 

So select a location where there's low noise and good reception, configure the remote server on a small Windows system (an ATOM-based CPU is adequate) and you have the ultimate in reception. The connection is secure and even includes a firewall! Everything you need to know is on .

HF Radio Integration

Of course you can integrate an HF transceiver with an SDR receiver to create the ultimate solution in terms of cost effectiveness, integration and system flexibility.

By using a standard transceiver you have the advantage of a 'real radio', by adding an SDR receiver you have not only the ultimate bandscope but also a receiver which out-performs almost any other receiver!

You can buy an SDR receiver such as the SDR-IQ from RFspace plus a PC bundle from your local store for less than the cost of most external bandscopes.

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