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Building Dlls

Let's make one now!


Recently the use of inexpensive DVB-T (terrestrial television) USB dongles as SDR receivers has become possible due to the excellent work by members of the osmocom-sdr website. The code produced is licenced under version 2 of the GNU General Public License, as a result the source code cannot be integrated into this program as it is not open source. Howevere there is a solution: Do It Yourself.

This software is designed with radio support in a per-model DLL. These DLLs have a standard set of exported functions, so all you have to do is write a new DLL with a little help from your friends. These instructions assume you are familiar with code development in a Windows environment, if not then I'm sure you'll find a friend who can help you.

What's Needed

First off you'll need the excellent Visual C++ 2010 Professional, Premium or Ultimate edition. Unfortunately the express edition cannot be used with MFC (this is a MFC project). 30-day trials of these programs are available.

Now you'll need the source code from and the source from (the code does not include any code from Osmocom).

The code is here:

It should not be necessary to make any changes to the source code, but if you want to - feel free!

The Osmocom code is explained here: the git repository is

The suggested download command is git clone git:// and the actual files needed from Osmocom are:

  • rtl-sdr.h
  • rtl-sdr_export.h
  • rtlsdr.lib *
  • rtlsdr.dll *
  • libusb-1.0.dll *

* 32-bit or 64-bit depending on your target system.

Remember the Osmocom code is GPL, so if you make changes please read the GPL licence in the Osmocom code tree.

The tree looks like this:

The code from expects the Osmocom code to be in a tree \RTL-SDR\GIT (see below).

So assuming you have the code and the RTL SDR code extracted to the same drive, both sets of code as top-level trees, all you need to do is compile the code (look for SDRSourceRTL2832U.vcxproj in the tree).


Having compiled the DLL you must add three DLLs to the folder where you installed's console (if in doubt select Program Installation from the Tools pane in the ribbon bar).

  1. SDRSourceRTL2832U.dll
  2. rtlsdr.dll
  3. libusb-1.0.dll


Before you can use the dongle the correct drivers must be installed. To do this follow the steps on with respect to the use of the Zadig program, you do not need to install SDR# (but there's nothing stopping you, it is an excellent lightweight SDR console). You use Zadig to install the correct drivers.

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