Please do not send e-mail to the development team unless absolutely necessary. The fount of all knowledge is the Yahoo! forums below, several thousand happy members of this group are ready to help you.

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Licencing & Legal


This software is available free of charge only for hobby users such as  radio amateurs and shortwave enthusiasts. (The development is funded by the commercial licencees.)


Commercial and government users must either purchase a licence from TSS Inc. www.tssincorp.com or have written permission from simon@sdr-radio.com. The commercial version of this software is compiled from a secure codebase, supported 365 x 24 x 7 by a team of SIGINT professionals and in use in hostile and very challenging environments.

  • Support: 365 x 24 x 7
  • Guarantee: yes
  • Future-proof: yes
  • Software expires: no
  • Training available: on-site anywhere
  • Source available: via escrow in a working Windows Hyper-V environment



User Group

The user group is hosted on Yahoo!. Here you will find many other users of this software as well as owners and active users of all the hardware supported. The group also discusses SDR in general.

Full Reset

Sometimes even the best software and the software written by the SDR-Radio.com team needs to be reset to a known state. There are two places where settings are stored:

  1. The registry,
  2. The user's file area.

More information...


All diagnostic information is found in the logfile. More...


The program comes with a built-in screenshot facility. More...

You do not need to uninstall older kits before a new installion.
Only download kits from the one and only official site - this is it. Download from other sites at your own risk.
The kits contain everything you need for both 32-bit and 64-bit systems. The correct components are chosen at installation time, so you can use the same kit on both 32-bit and 64-bit systems.
The kits require the VS2010 C++ redistributable, this is installed on your system and can be found in the SDR-Radio.com entry of the Windows Start Menu.
The kits require the VS2010 C++ redistributable, this is installed on your system and can be found in the SDR-Radio.com entry of the Windows Start Menu.
System Requirements

This software is designed for Windows on the x86 hardware only, Windows on the Raspberry Pi is not supported. Although the software runs on Core 2 Duo systems with 32-bit Windows XP, the recommended minimum system configuration for a new hardware acquisition is:

  • Windows 7 64-bit,
  • Intel I3,
  • 8GB RAM.

If you are buying a video card (GPU) then NVIDIA is recommended as the software makes use of the CUDA interface for CPU-intensive computation if such a card is available. Other manufacturers may be supported at a later date.

To ensure support for SDR solutions coming to market over the next few years at least a third-generation CPU such as i5-3570 or i7-3770 should be used as these new SDR receivers will offer bandwidths of 20MHz or more which in turn require significant processing power and internal bandwidth. 

Newer computers generally use less power; have better processing and often a lower footprint.